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Hydra - Skyros

Hydroussa Hotel Hydra
Welcome to Hydroussa Hotel Hydra

Hydroussa hotel is sited in one of the most cosmopolitan islands of Argosaronikos, the island of Hydra. Its premises are located a few minutes away from the port, in Votsi area, the square with the beautiful lemon trees. From each corner of the hotel, someone can admire the traditional village of Hydra. 

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Hydroussa Hotel Skyros
Welcome to Hydroussa Hotel Skyros

Hydroussa Hotel, former Xenia, is sited in the captivating island of Skyros, at Magazia beach, overlooking the magnificent blue Aegean Sea. Hotel guests have the opportunity to enjoy the sun and the famous Aegean Sea in the morning or wander around the picturesque village Hora in the evening, the center of the island, which is only a few minutes away.

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